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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Love Who You Are.

Why is it so many of us are able to love others and yet not ourselves. Would it surprise you to know that you can only truly love others as much as you love yourself? Let's get LOVING the shit out of ourselves!

1. Change the Narrative - Speak to yourself like you would speak to someone you love with all of your heart. Would you tell your child, your mother, your best friend that they could have done better when they were trying their best? Show yourself the same love and compassion as you would to them. Write your future self a note and put it in a jar to open on days when you feel like you could do with some extra encouragement.

2. As Don Miguel Ruiz says, Don't take things personally - Your best friend, your husband or your colleague may always be late no matter who they are meeting. Maybe being on time isn't important to them, doesn't mean you aren't. Set your boundaries of expectations with these people - teach them what is ok for you with being on time and be prepared to leave if they don't arrive within that limit.

3. Are you putting in 100% today? If not, get curious as to why - Are you in need of some down time? Are you just not that into what you are doing? give yourself a break, we cant go at 100% all of the time. Give yourself love and kindness on the days that your 100% feels so much less than usual. Ask yourself, What do I need right now to energize?

4. Celebrate the small wins and the losses - It is so important to celebrate the little things. Did you get to the gym today? Celebrate! Did you have a tough conversation with a colleague? Celebrate that you did it especially when it was hard! Did you cook the perfect piece of Salmon for dinner? Celebrate! Did you not meet all of your goals on a project? Celebrate what you did accomplish and Celebrate what you learned!

5. Read - Grow your mind, get lost, find yourself again... Books give us an escape and learnings, reading shows yourself that your mind matters, that you deserve an adventure even when you cant leave your house.

6. Connect with your soul - Be You! whatever that means to you. Maybe you want to Sit with your crystals, Visit a Tarot reader, Go to Church, Pray, Help the less fortunate, go to a soup kitchen. Not people pleasing or walking on egg shells - Being you nurtures your soul.

7. Take a bath - You've had a long day and it feels like all you can manage is falling into bed or binging on junk TV. Pour yourself a bath or foot bath and put a few drops of essential oils or herbs from your garden. Soak and imagine the warmth of the water is a giant hug that is grateful for you!

8. Get appreciating your body - When we appreciate the functions our body allows us the fortune of doing, we feel good! What are you glad your legs can do? What are you thankful you can reach with your hands? If you have kids, throw an impromptu karaoke dance party. Make up a song together that expresses your body love! Love yourself and move it move it ;)

9. Change your mind or Say No! - We all have times where we say Yes when we really wanted to say NO! Or commit to something that we wanted attend and now don't. What are you saying Yes to when you say No?

10. Do one thing every day that brings you JOY! It could be sitting in the sunshine drinking a cup of tea, taking care of your skin with a mask, taking a yoga class or listening to your children's laughter. It can be big or small, whatever brings you joy will remind you how much you matter!

Self Kindness Matters.

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