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Rave Reviews Of Tammy's Coaching

Happy Clients = Happy Life

I walked into Tammys office feeling like I was in a storm, my head was spinning, I felt heavy and exhausted. I walked out feeling lighter, clearer and floating on air. Tammy is that good.

Client 2023

Tammy plants seeds in each coaching session and during the week they grow...  Ive found the results after working with her for just a few months have been beyond worth the money and efforts I've put in. You'll walk away wishing you had of engaged her services earlier! Thank you Tammy.

Client 2023

Tammy's warmth and ability to listen makes you tell her things you thought you'd keep hidden away forever. When you do tell her all the good, bad and the ugly, She makes you feel so valued, cared for and like you can get through anything. I feel so much more confident in my own voice and in who I am as a result of working with her.

Client 2023

I could not have wished for a better colleague and co-facilitator than Tammy McCann. Tammy’s creativity and playful nature brings to life each and every workshop. Her energy is infectious and pushes you to operate outside your comfort zone and gently challenges you to stop playing small. As a coach, Tammy seamlessly builds a deep connection with her clients, allowing her intuition to guide clients through a powerful transformation. I am always amazed at her ability to help me dig deeper into my emotions and unearth unseen barriers or fully celebrate accomplishments I might have been brushing aside. Tammy leads with love in order to create a safe space for anyone she is working with and is the guiding light to true fulfillment. Everyone needs Tammy in their life!

Co-Facilitator 2020

I met Caru and Tammy by taking their 6 week "Growing Together Through Adversity" workshop. Let me start out by saying, I've met a lot of coaches and know a lot of people and hands-down, no exaggeration, I can say that Tammy and Caru have risen to the top of my list in both categories. Their indescribable working chemistry is definitely admirable but it's their genuine interest in wanting to help people and empathetic approach that shines through and drew me into wanting more every week. I've always been skeptical about visualization exercises but given how comfortable I became with Caru and Tammy, I realized it was something that I should have been doing all along and needed. Over the 6 weeks I worked with them, I discovered new ways to be my best self that no other book, webinar or podcast could teach me. Thank you ladies!

Workshop Attendee 2020

Although it was more by chance I initially started working with Tammy, it was actually perfect timing! I had just moved to a new country with my family, started a new career and was building my own new business venture. It was exciting and I had the courage to make it happen. I'm 39, a mum of two and I've achieved and done so much in my life so I shouldn't need Tammy right? Wrong! I always felt I was missing opportunities because I didn't value myself enough, I didn't show confidence, I didn't sell my worth and I am a perfectionist so never happy! Tammy gently and carefully took me out of my comfort zone, opened my eyes and taught me different ways to see things. I was a complete skeptic about visualization before and it made me very uncomfortable, but Tammy uses her natural ability, warmth and skills to coach you at just the right level. I now have small but effective skills I can use to help me when I need it. Thank you Tammy for all your help.

Client 2020

I truly love Tammy's coaching and think she is absolutely among the most insightful and inspiring people I have met.
I look forward to each and every session with Tammy.

Client 2019

Tammy makes me feel loved, supported and fearless. She truly has a gift and as much as I don't want to share her, she needs to be shared with the world!
Do yourself a favor and hire her, you wont regret that you did!

Client 2018

Tammy is a truly magical coach. She radiates warmth and makes it very easy for you to open up. She helps you uncover your truth and sets you on the path to live your most authentic life. I am now living my most authentic and joy filled life as a result of Tammy's coaching.
I am beyond grateful for her!

Client 2017

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