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Whenever you read a good book,
somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.
–Vera Nazarian


Brene Brown's

Rising Strong

From the very first page of each of her books, Brene feels like a friend you would go to if you needed someone to sit with you and just be. I have read almost all of her books as they each have a different BIG learning. My favourite is Rising Strong, Brene talks about the Narrative we make up in our head about situations and teaches us whats really going on, how to rumble and rise. If you are curious, Brene has a few ted talks that are worthwhile taking a look at too...

Don Miguel Ruiz's

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements is a book that will expand the way you see and feel things. This book is an unlearning of patterns so that you can install new self serving, self loving and honoring ones. Its an easy book to get through and I recommend reading it with a friend, it will deepen your learnings. I promise.

Robert Munsch's

I will Love You Forever

This Book always has me moved to tears when I read it. It is a children's book that teaches all ages about Love that is unwavering. Imagine feeling love without conditions?!

Talking With Strangers

Malcolm Gladwell's

Do you ever look at someone and think you have them pegged? Think again! Malcolm shakes up your neural pathways with his view on body language and people who's inside doesn't match their outside. This is my new favorite book because its refreshing and teaches us to look deeper.

Eckhart Tolle's

A New Earth

This book is filled with growth and truth. You may need to put it down for a little while and pick it up again because wrapping your mind around the ego is an epic journey. This book really flips your mind and soul like a roller coaster, you are excited for the ride and yet you think you want to get off but all you can do is keep moving forward! It reminds me of the piece in "The Never Ending story" Where Atrayu meets the oracles and is forced to see his deepest truths, the vulnerability and raw strength is drawn out and he leaves never the same again.

Tara Mohr's

Playing Big

We all have inner critics that hold us back in life. Tara's book is a great guide to learning to play big and recognize when you are playing small and holding yourself back from living your best life. You will discover the kinds of critics that show up for you on a daily basis and learn great tools for letting them know who's boss. A must read for everyone, young or old, man or woman.

Glennon Doyle's


Glennon is an incredible lady who speaks to each and every one of us in her transparent, vulnerable and fierce book. This book has shifted the way I see myself, the way I see others and the way I may disappoint others along the way to not disappoint myself. You will learn to run free towards the things that speak to you, that you know in your whole self are meant for you.

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